Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Friday, March 20, 2015

3 under 3...

2 1/2 years old 
4 months old...

 Lincoln, our little warrior. This sweet boy has    endured more pokes, tests, EKGs, Echo Ultrasounds, and surgeries than most people  
endure in their lifetime.

  Here he is with our heart hero, Dr. Haw. Two years apart. And here we are faced with another journey through Open Heart Surgery. We met with Dr. Haw today, and he confirmed that Lincoln does indeed need his mitral valve replaced.  Lincoln will be undergoing OHS Monday, as Dr. Haw's first surgery of the day @ 7:30 a.m. The surgery should take between 5-6 hours. We are checking in late Saturday afternoon (tomorrow) to manage Lincoln's Coumadin/Heparin IV.

Thank you so much for your prayers and positive thoughts.  No one, including Dr. Haw, Dr. Lacina, and Dr. Joseph, expected us to be back in the OR this soon, so this week has been a whirlwind of shock & devestation. Thanks to all of you helping us out with work, the house, the boys, meals, and our sanity. xoxo

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