Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Monday, March 23, 2015

Prayers for an uneventful night...

Lincoln's post-op plans have changed- he is having a hard time maintaining a consistent heartbeat and was on the warmer side after surgery. They are keeping him on a cooling bed, and are keeping him sedated through the night to give his heart time to adjust at a slower heart rate. He keeps trying to wake up, so they have had to up his doses quite a bit. The nurses have already picked up on his feisty nature :) The first night is always difficult, so please pray that it is an uneventful night. 

Sidenote- we walked in and Lincoln's hair is spiked up in a Mohawk. It actually took my breath away since that is how he rocked the OR 2 years ago. He is still our little rockstar 💙

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We felt them today. Xoxo

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  1. So many prayers and healing thought and energy heading to my heart twin tonight! Love to you all and if you need anything, remember I'm only 5 minutes away. I can bring whatever you need. Love to you all ♥♥♥