Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Rounds 3.26

The X-Ray this morning showed fluid around Lincoln's right lung. That is probably why he is still struggling to take full breaths on his own. They are going to do a procedure today to put a new chest tube in to drain that fluid, to remove his pacers, & they will have to sedate him for that. They also had to stop his heparin to do the procedure, so there's kind of a lot going on this morning. Dr. Haw said he should feel a ton better once the fluid is drained.

 His heart is still looking great, though, and he gets to take a big dose of Coumadin tonight, if everything goes well today. Heparin has been a pain to monitor & maintain a therapeutic level,so we are thankful to get him back on Coumadin. 

Thanks again for your prayers, messages, meals, and gifts. We greatly appreciate it all, and it truly is helping us get through this difficult time. Xoxo 

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