Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moving in the right Direction

Lincoln has been in a lot of pain today, so they upped his pain medication. He is pretty irritable, but was finally able to take a good rest this afternoon. 

They took out two of his chest tubes, one from his hand, and his catheter. They also took him off three of his meds. His heart has been in great rhythm all day, and he's been talking in a drugged state all day. Mostly bossing us around :) so we are really hopeful to keep progressing along. His liquids are still limited, but he is asking for water quite a bit. Mostly wanting milk (which he can't have). I was even able to feed him applesauce. So we are headed in the right direction! Thank you for your prayers. They are working. 

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