Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Friday, March 27, 2015

Another day...

Lincoln survived the withdrawals again today, his chest tube removed, a wagon ride around the PICU, and a day with only tylenol for his pain. I think that is pretty amazing on day 4 post surgery #3! He slept on me a lot (at least 4 hours) & gave a lot of snarky looks, but we got through another day in the fishbowl PICU. 

I am not sure when we get to break out of this place. Dr. Haw said Monday. I am hoping Sunday :)  If Linc is therapeutic tomorrow morning on Coumadin, we get to discontinue Heparin. That is a very big if. Then he can get the Central Venous Catheter out of his neck. Baby steps toward home hopefully! We are both more than ready to be in the comforts of home, and see the big boys. We are ready to be together as a family. 

I am nervous for the home care ahead of us, but this time around, he is much more vocal about what hurts and what he wants, so I am hoping that part will be a little easier. His restrictions are for 6 weeks, so he will be able to swim this summer. And I can't wait to see him rock ️this new valve- he should put on weight, want to eat more, and be much more active! 


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