Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Our Warrior's Battle Against CHD

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday morning

Every morning when we walk through Lincoln's room, we hold our breath and hope for good news. We have not had a morning yet where we walk into to hear that Lincoln is doing great. We are still waiting, and it is mentally and physically exhausting. This morning, Lincoln's cough is more congested, and he is in obvious discomfort every time he coughs. He had a hard time taking his oral medications, and clearly something is not right. He looks terrified and anxious, so they are wondering if he could be having withdrawals from the Fentynl. They are giving him a strong antibiotic to hopefully help him along and an anti-anxiey med to ease him and his nerves. They are testing him for infections again, which means he is in isolation and we all have to wear gowns, gloves, and masks until the results come back.

The good news is his heart and lungs look great. Dr. Haw is very pleased with how his valve looks as well as the minute leaks. Tomorrow they want to take out his pacers, which is a great sign of their comfort of his heart functioning. Pharmacy is going to come talk to us about lifestyle changes, nutrition, and breast feeding a baby on blood-thinners. Lactation is also going to come see me and help me to figure out my diet restrictions (so far, it looks like four pages worth). Between the two, I need to figure out what is more important -the antibodies in breastfeeding to keep him healthy or the consistency of formula for his co-ag levels. Lots to think about.

So more short-term complications for today, but hoping the afternoon will get better.  And hoping for negatives on the viruses, so he can see our faces again!


  1. He'll see your eyes and hear you voice and know it's you, Momma. We're thinking of you and praying for you; I also asked my pastor to say a special prayer for Lincoln.

    When and if you go on the diet restrictions, let us know so we can give you what you need -- even if it's different than what we make for Murph and the bigger boys.

    Praying for a strong afternoon and an excited report later today. ~Kris

  2. Our grandkids out in California (children of our two daughters and sons-in-law) all go to the same school. Their school is praying for Lincoln during prayer time. I always think God listens carefully to the prayers of small children. We pray here all day. Our thoughts are never far from Lincoln's bedside.